grandfather family haiku poem

white hair, wrinkled hands
a weakness for cockfighting
now an empty bed

my grandfather passed away earlier today. he battled cancer for years. he was born in 1933.

(below: my grandfather striking a pose back in his younger days) :)

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog.


  1. i miss described him so well :)

  2. i miss him as well. thanks for dropping by, jeanie.

  3. Condolences Kouji, and what a handsome grandfather! But why is there no link on this blog to scatterhaiku?

  4. thanks, wordcrafter. my 3 scatterhaiku haiku blogs have now been deactivated. they're still there, but i don't add to them anymore. i wanted to be able to focus all my haiku work on just the one blog. thanks again for visiting.

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. Grandparents are so special. The photo tells much. Thank you for finding the energy and desire to post.

  6. I am sorry to hear of your loss, He made a great photo.


  7. My heart goes out for you..

    I never saw my Paternal grandpa. Entirely my loss!

    making inroads into I know what not

  8. thanks, gautami. i never met my paternal grandparents either.

  9. Kouji,
    I will say a prayer for your grandfather's new journey.

    thinking of you today,

  10. Sad but beautiful snapshot of a life... and a great photo too!

  11. thanks, lirone. kind of you to say.

  12. I only ever met one grandmother - after nearly 20 years without her, she's still very much alive in my heart and mind.

  13. as my grandfather will be, i hope. thank you for the comment, stan ski.

  14. Hi, Kouji,

    I came across your haiku on the highway called Cyberspace. There were thousands of vehicles on the highway, some rude, some nice, some kindly, some couldn't care less. In the brief instance I came across your blog I thought here is somebody who cares, somebody who has kids and parents and grandparents. I was moved enough by your haikus so I created a haiku poem myself, dedicated to your grandfather. Here it is:

    Your perfect body
    Gave way. The cockpit silenced.
    But the shoutings echoed still.

    Be happy,


  15. thanks for the comment, tonyhernandez.

    and thanks for the haiku. appreciate it.


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