stream nature haiku poem

morning sunlight stream
resolves itself into heat
heat's a small price paid

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  1. it's 30 degrees in macau today, so i know what you mean. small price paid though for things that we need to do :) sunblock and water are the answers! :D

  2. true, true. :) thanks for the comment, jeanie. :)

  3. Life plus a little bit of a nuisance!?:)

  4. The ones about nature are always good!

  5. sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. thanks for visiting, borut. :)

  6. True, but not here today. We seem to be getting an early taste of fall. I was out working in the garden this morning and the air feels just perfect.

    Nice poem.

  7. thanks, fourwindshaiga. may you have more perfect mornings. :)


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