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i was having trouble maintaining 3 separate haiku blogs, since that basically meant i was attempting to write 3 haikus per day, one of which was on love (am terrible with that subject, methinks). so i'm now consolidating, setting up one blog as a repository for the haikus i hope to eventually accumulate.

am now also using the profile name, 'kouji.' that's not my real name, but i thought it had a nice ring to it. :) thanks for dropping by. :)

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. Hi Kouji, for some reason, your comment on China post was mark as spam and I didn't succeed in retrieving it, sorry.

  2. oh, that's too bad. :( that was actually one of the reasons i changed profile names. kept on getting flagged as spam. :(

    me, spam? :O


  3. Love this one...it's as true in virtual environments as "real" ones--always I'm looking for perfect places to write, and yet....

  4. and yet the search can be quite difficult at times. thanks for visiting, yogaforcynics. :)


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