doctrine war haiku poem

no immediate threat
a preventive attack launched
dangerous doctrine

there is no question that when an attack is about to be carried out on a nation, that nation has the right to defend itself. it does not need to wait for the attack to be carried out, before it does so.

this principle is grounded on the idea of self-defense.

usually the words used are 'imminent' to describe the coming attack, and 'preempt' to describe the response to the imminent attack.

the bush doctrine however, expands on this. it states that a nation is allowed to carry out an attack on the basis of a threat to its security, which is not imminent.

the words usually used in this case are 'preventive' or a 'preventive war.'

the danger here is that such a preventive war necessarily calls for speculation as to the future threat, and is therefore ripe for abuse.

and as it attempts to dilute the standard required before a nation resorts to armed force, it makes the use of such force by countries around the world, more likely, and the ability of international institutions to prevent such resort to force, that much more difficult.

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  1. escalate the fear
    get everyone to panic
    then just start shooting

    It is so disheartening to know this is the way many people think...

  2. oh yeah - truth speaks thru your
    haiku, K.

  3. thanks for the comment, art and poetry.

  4. thanks for the comment, janet.

    disheartening indeed. may the decline be abated soon.

  5. thanks for the comment, lahari.

  6. thanks for the comment, jade.

  7. haha, international law in a haiku, loveit. :p

  8. thanks for the comment, jan. :)

    just couldn't help myself. :) maybe a series of haiku on international law? :)

  9. Your haiku is a provocation to the small grey cells especially together with comment - it ticks a cain reaction - I wonder how I can those thought out someday in writting.

    I could let your haiku stand as it is - it's quite capable of doing just that 'stand alone'.
    yes I might do that.

  10. thanks for the comment, ashi. :)


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