about me time haiku poem

i'm getting older
wiser? don't know about that
maybe more wrinkled

i don't really have a full fledged 'about' page on this blog, so i thought i'd try to make up for it a bit by churning out this 'about' haiku poem post. :)


well, i'm a guy. :) i still feel young, even if i'm no longer that young anymore. and my knees sometimes feel a little creaky.


i love tennis, though i haven't played it in years. :( my eyes have slowed, i'm sure.

andre agassi's my favorite tennis player ever, so far, mostly because i found his ability to take the ball on the rise, at times making return of serve winners, terribly impressive. i also liked that he tended to go for the lines, with the cannons that his groundies could sometimes be. it was a fun ride while it lasted. :)

am rather fond of justine henin as well. i'm amazed that a lady with such a small frame, can generate so much pace with her wicked, wicked one handed backhand. again, it's unfortunate that she's no longer active.


i love thinkpads. there's just something about the satisfaction of using a thinkpad's bulletproof keyboard, in conjunction with the trackpoint, that just brings a smile to my face. not to mention the usually great build quality, and black classic aesthetic which appeals to me.

it's too bad my system has only 256 mb of ram. :O so, so sluggish. :( and yet i love it, so i'll just have to stick in some additional ram when i can.


i love writing haiku. :) i used to write longer poetry when i was younger, but nowadays, the brevity of this form's really taken me in.

there's just something about trying to fit an image or thought into a mere few lines and few syllables, that causes the rest of the world to stop for a while, and the mind to focus on that image or thought to the exclusion of most else, at least for a few minutes. it's relaxing.

also, a person's forced to be a little bit more precise, a little bit more careful with word choice. there's a rigor required here which is quite enjoyable. :)

and i do love reading haiku as well, parsing through my blogroll, having a bit of a peek into the lives and thoughts of other people, and coming across some truly brilliant wordplay, structure, or basically just some awesome, awesome haiku.

i guess in a way, i'm a bit addicted. :)

so, that's it. :)

a haiku poem and post in relation to rt cunningham's untwisted vortex site

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. "maybe more wrinkled"

    not only "maybe" ...

    it`s sure! ...

    a sigh (but with a smile)

    best wishes,

  2. thanks for the comment, angelika. :)

    indeed. :D but i like the idea of wrinkles, as i feel that they in a way trace and record the lives we've led, choices we've made, laughter we've shared.

  3. haiku does sum up thoughts and ideas so well - the same as good quotes do. I enjoy reading your haiku.

  4. thanks for the comment, sueblimey. :)

    glad you could visit.


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