red items haiku poem

this high heeled shoe pair
red hued pain throughout the day
sacrifice? how so?

a haiku poem inspired by a post on like natsu?

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. Nice one! they look painful to me to.

  2. thanks for the comment, art and poetry. :)

    yup. am a bit bummed though because i don't know how to leave a comment on that type of blog. :O

  3. I'm one for flats and sneakers.. not really one for high heels. My feet will hurt like hell for days after if I even dare. And of course, I trip. Which happens often because I'm clumsy like that. I think I'd rather live with being short. Hehe..

    Btw, how did the exams go, Kouji? It's every Sunday, isn't it?

  4. thanks for the comment, aki nominal. :)

    am a guy, so i at least don't have to consider high heels. :)

    exams have been rather awful actually. yup every sunday. two more to go.

  5. my bare foot
    in the middle of night --
    visiting our ice-box

  6. hey Kouji! you made my day! hahaha. the shoes were very painful, but i was able to return them. they are going to be someone else's problem now. by the way, what exam are you taking?

  7. I wear high-heeled shoes, high-heeled sandals - loved them and yes, they're painful but these footwear looks great on my outfit than wearing flats! :-(

  8. thanks for the comment, tikkis. :)

    thank goodness for those iceboxes. :D

  9. thanks for the comment, sara. :)

    i feel for their new owner. :O i would've left a comment on your blog, but for the life of me, i couldn't figure out how. :D

    first exam was on political law and labor law. the second most recent exam was on civil law and tax law. and this coming sunday, we'll be tackling the bar exam on commercial and criminal law. :O

  10. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    hey, if the shoes or sandals work for you, then that's great. :)

  11. thank you for writing haiku about shoes:-) (the final selling point for my apartment was the generous shoe rack in one closet...)

  12. thanks for the comment, janet. :)

    your shoes must have been quite pleased with their new home. :)

  13. going to be lawyer huh? good for you, and best of luck on your exams! i didn't enable commenting on my blog...didn't think anyone would want to comment, haha

  14. thanks for the comment, sara. :)

    well, that's the hope. let's see what happens.

    i see. good, good. i was afraid i was beginning to lose it, not able to find your comment link. :O that's too bad though since your blog's very comment-able. :)


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