change haiku poem

as i sit here
writing haiku
the world is changing

a haiku example for sunday scribblings.

thank you for visiting this haiku poetry blog. :)


  1. This is true for all of us, nice one!

  2. Yes life continues on no matter what - sometimes we just don't 'get' that...

  3. thanks for the comment, art and poetry. :)

    and thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. thanks for the comment, Janice Thomson. :)

    True. The world and time just keep on flowing all around us, whether we are in motion ourselves, or we are standing still.:)

  5. thanks for the comment, lilly. :)

    glad you like it. :)

  6. certainly it is, and it will even if we do not write, but then again, it's better doing something than nothing, who knows maybe it has some impact for the better.

  7. thanks for the comment, ashi. :)

    true. i'd favor action over inaction whenever possible. :)


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