drinking liquor haiku poem

kids learning from parents
not just peers

a haiku example for friday haiku, in relation to the question of whether it's appropriate for parents to have the occasional glass of wine, while kids are present.

Haiku Friday

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  1. I suspect it's better if they don't drink at all - it's not something necessary to our lives. It is of no help if the parents are alcoholics.

  2. Nice haiku. Here's one I wrote about drinking.


    a nonsensical
    delirium on the rocks
    shaken, not stirred Cheers!

  3. @janice thomson

    indeed. i have had relatives who were alcoholics, and their issues with alcohol truly dominated their lives, unto the ends of their days.

    that said, i suspect that kids will learn about alcohol sooner or later from their peers. it can't be helped. neither can the excitement of experimentation be completely discounted.

    so my plan is that, when i have kids (at least i hope i'll eventually have offspring), i'll try to offer an alternative model of liquor consumption.

    which might be a bit of a stretch since i hardly drink myself. :)

    thanks for all your comments. :)

  4. @jodapoet

    nice. :) i especially like the bond reference. :)


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