grizzled veteran haiku poem

grizzled veteran
inadvertent whimper
the dentist's drill

a haiku poem for mad kane's limerick and haiku prompts. :)

thank you for visiting this haiku poetry blog. :)


  1. Haha! I liked it. Thanks for participating in my latest prompt!

  2. I sympathize completely with the grizzled veteran. :P

  3. Great one : )! Happy Thanksgiving. Do you celebrate?

  4. I would be too - I hate the dentists office LOL Good one Kouji!

  5. @adventure girl wanna be

    having grey or partly grey hair. :) have this image in my mind of a bearded solid looking fella. :) maybe a bit of a bear. :)

  6. @mad kane

    thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. @life with kaishon

    nope, unfortunately. so we look forward to christmas. :)

  8. @crafty green poet

    ouch, indeed. :O

  9. .
    Great one Kouji! It was a fun prompt.


    with cavities
    you must get novocain
    - but gas makes it fun

    While sitting in the dentist’s chair,
    It just seemed so very unfair;
    The doctor had no more gas,
    So time would not easily pass,
    And this gave me quite a big scare.


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