leaf blowers haiku poem

sound of
leaf blowers
being put away

a haiku poem for autumn haiku 2008.

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  1. Wow, your haikus are awesome! I could never write a decent haiku to save my life...they were always a form of poetry I could never quite grasp. But yours are really good, I'm bookmarking your site for future reading! :)

  2. What a great haiku : )! Are you doing ABC Wednesday this week?

  3. does that mean we are saying goodbye to autumn soon and saying hello to the winter breeze?

  4. @aly

    thanks. :) looking at your site reminds me that i wish my machine could handle sims 2. :O

  5. @life with kaishon

    i used to be more active on abc wednesday. :) i'll start posting again probably when i get myself some form of camera. :)

  6. @the spool artist

    i have no idea. :) everything's still green over here, after all. autumn and winter here are all in my head. :O

  7. @wayfaring wanderer

    ah. :) i'd forgotten about those. tough to haiku about autumn and winter when i've never experienced them. :O

  8. Excellent! The sound of leaf blowers being put away. What a big smile that brought to my face.

  9. I like this - there's a finality about the sound of blowers being put away - a certainty that winter is just around the corner.

  10. @janice thomson

    thanks. :) i'm glad you like it. was trying to go for a bit of that feeling of finality.


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