senator john mccain haiku poems

a long journey's end
a graceful concession
bowing out in style

a reference to
booker washington

urging supporters
not just to congratulate
but bridge diff'rences

wishing godspeed
to his former opponent
to his president

a transcript of senator john mccain's concession speech can be found on this page.

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  1. Inevitability of elections..
    those bowing out in style form partof history, no kouji??


  2. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

    perhaps. we shall see how history will judge this election. :)

  3. He definitely left with exceptional grace.

  4. I agree that the speech was gracious.

    Too bad it was counter to the rest of the campaign. After all that time of questioning Obama's character, motivations and patriotism, as well as his complicity with the vicious hate speech of others in the campaign... I'm sorry, but it's a little too late.

  5. thanks for the comment, janice thomson. :)

    indeed. :)

  6. thanks for the comment, janet. :)

    true. which is one more reason i'm glad obama won. if mccain had won, then the way he ran his campaign, which even karl rove criticized, would have been vindicated.


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