captivating Capiz

mother of pearl shells
both black and white sand beaches
place holds me captive

for more information on the subject of this captivating Capiz haiku poem, you can visit the following sites:

Capiz: the local government website
Capiz: on wikipedia

this page is partly intended to help further the tourism tagline, captivating Capiz. :) it's also partly intended to assist with the availability of local blood donors, via the relevant link below.

For Philippines Blood Registry, Ragnarok Online 2 and Filipino Programmer/Blogger

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  1. Interesting links, thanks!

    A witch
    collecting shells --
    a turbid sea


  2. thanks for the comment on my (captivating Capiz) haiku, tikkis. :)

    nice to see you again. :) a witch indeed. :D

  3. lovely Capiz place
    kouji described that in words
    got me captive too

    you're welcome :-)

  4. thanks for the comment on my (captivating Capiz) haiku, gem. :)

    those black sand beaches fascinate me, actually. am so used to the ideal of white sand nowadays, but when i was a kid, we used to frequent the darker sand beaches of northern luzon.

    and thanks for the keywords. :) nice of you.

  5. Well, let me say this!:) The black and white way of seeing this ephemeral world as something concrete is a 'prison' of sorts... The mother of pearl of inner vision can lead out of this 'state of perceptual imprisonment'... Theoretically speaking!:)

  6. thanks for the comment on my (captivating Capiz) haiku, borut. :)

    indeed. theoretically speaking. :)

  7. thanks for your comment, john. :)

  8. i have relatives from Capiz and i have fond memories of the place! Your haiku simply captures it beautifully...


  9. I think that place would hold me captive as well :)

  10. thanks for the comment, spool artist. :)

    you have relatives from there? how nice. :) i don't have any relatives from capiz.

    but i do have relatives from northern luzon, in places like baguio, la union and dagupan, so i also have fond memories of those places. :)

  11. thanks for the comment, wayfaring wanderer. :)

    true. i quite like the idea of a place having both black and white sand beaches. haven't heard of other places, aside from capiz, with a setup like that.

    captivating indeed.

  12. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

  13. Good Luck to your quest on the contest. I hope we all can make it to the top but hopefully, only 3 can win this so just wishing all other participants a good luck and posting a few comments on their blogs to also see who makes the most interesting and unique content.

    again GOOD LUCK!!!

  14. thanks for the comment, masterofthe. :)

    and thanks for the kind words. good luck as well.

    i rather doubt that i'll be in any position to win, but at least i'm glad because i can try to get the word out regarding capiz as a tourist destination, and i'm also able to link to a site which helps people find blood donors in the philippines.

    two worthwhile goals i feel. :)

  15. hi..thanks for dropping at my blog..

  16. thanks for the comment, captivating capiz. :)

    and best wishes with your efforts. :)

  17. hmmm... naisip ko na gusto ko sanang gumawa ng isa pang haiku tungkol sa capiz na hindi wikang ingles ang gamit. yun na nga lang, hindi ko yata talaga kaya. sayang.

  18. got a great blog here, congrats!

  19. thanks for the comment, mahkie. :)

    glad you could drop by. :)

  20. too bad i was not able to roam around capiz during my visit due to a survey project in almost 4 years ago.

  21. thanks for the comment, dimaks. :)

    at least you've already been there. :O me, not yet. :O

  22. Wow! You've been kind enough to comment on my blog, and this is my first visit here. I didn't realize you wrote haiku! I won't even try to write one myself, but I am really enjoying going thru all of yours. Very talented!

  23. thanks for the comment, jd. :)

    and thanks for the kind words. :)

  24. the end of the contest is so near already. Reading all the contents of all the entries on the net. :) Congratulations :)

    Pa burger man tani ang nag daog

  25. thanks for the comment, rein valdez. :)

    indeed. best of luck to all the participants. glad you could visit. :)

  26. Congrats pala sa nanalo last captivating capiz...
    ngaun mukhang matindi rin ang nangyayari sa hectic capiznon bloggers 2009


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