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cameraphone shots
quickly taken, without thought
how i lived my life

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  1. Hello kouji, what is this, what happened to the other blog? have you now gathered yoursef up?:)

  2. i did wrap up the other 3 haiku blogs unfortunately. :( was having trouble keeping up with the demands of the 3. one haiku blog is much easier. :) and more concentrated. :) glad you could stop by, wordcrafter. :)

  3. always a past tense, borut. :)

  4. Wow, you really are an extremely talented haiku writer! I will feature something of yours on my haiku blog which I've recently started:

    Hope you don't mind me posting a link - feel free to remove it. :)

    Anway, glad I managed to find another haiku blog that is also active - and a talented one at that.

    Feel free to contact me at

  5. thanks for the kind words, michael. keep me posted, if possible.

    also, try googling summer haiku 2008. the links section of that group blog features many brilliant and active haiku poets. and they are very nice people as well. :)


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