comment spam filter haiku poem

crafted a response
clicked 'post,' gobbled by filter
i'm done commenting

update: i asked akismet to allow its spam filters to let my comments through, via its contact akismet page. very quickly after that, i received an email from mark, telling me they'd made the adjustment. just went around a bit right now, and it looks like my comments are getting through again. :) thank you, akismet. well done.

well, maybe i'm not done with all commenting. but i feel quite deflated right now.

went on my usual bloghopping, leaving comments on other people's haiku poetry sites, and i find that on most wordpress sites, when i submit my comment, it just disappears into the void.

not a comment under moderation. it's just gone. the page just reloads.

and after working on response after response, i think i've had it for now. quite a lot of the joy has gone out of blog visiting for me because of this.

so for now, i'll stick to commenting on blogger blogs. at least for the next few days.

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog.


  1. I know your feeling. Something similar when cleaning my E-mails from all kind of Spam-mails...

    -How on earth they know my size is not big enough?
    - And I don't want any replica-watch!
    - I'm not going to any dates with any attractive Russian women
    - I have not ordered any flight tickets from Alaskan Airways, etc

    If there is one day no messages at all, I think everything is collapsed down.

    A spam-filter
    gobbling down
    our freedom?!

  2. That's bad. Are you sure it is not on moderation?

    Maybe clearing up the cache and cookies in your favorite browser could help.

    I don't have problems with Wordpress blogs right now.

  3. thanks for the comment, tikkis. :)

    true. i get all sorts of spam email now. :)

    but who doesn't want to go out on a date with an attractive russian woman? :O

  4. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    yup, it's bad. soul sucking even. over the past two nights, i think, i've had dozens of comments disappear.

    normally, when the comment is under moderation, a message appears telling me that that is so. here, nothing.

    also, when i attempted to leave a message on yugatech, a message appeared telling me that my comment had been caught by the spam filter, and i needed to get in touch with the blogger so my comment could be saved.

    the idea of me having to contact the authors of the dozens of blogs where i regularly leave comments, like that, is just too much right now.

    whenever i close my browser, i clear almost everything out.

    it's a bummer.

  5. I woke up to 5 comments on my blog that were all left by (in this case) Chinese, as in China, companies advertising. It's distressing. I also find my comments just sort of disappear, too.

    Your haiku is perfection every time!

  6. thanks for the comment, tsannie. :)

    ah, the spammers have found your blog. :( do you use word verification? i'm a big fan actually of protecting your comment space because spam really will hurt regular readers.

    am now just trying to think of a way to get myself off the black list.

  7. this sort of thing happens to me - i feel the same way as you

  8. thanks for the comment, mediterranean kiwi. :)

    yup. it does happen to some people. i tried changing my name, email address, and website, when i comment, and now my comments get through. :(

    it's sad though. am rather fond of this name, and especially this particular blog. i feel like my identity was taken away from me.

    how dramatic! :D ... :(

  9. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

    hanging away... :)

  10. thanks for the no comment, borut. :)

  11. I would ditto Andrew! :-)

    see you again!

  12. It is what it is.
    I do appreciate your visits to my blog and the leaving of comments.
    Be well,

  13. Oh! Maybe the problem will solve in itself in a day or two. =)

  14. I haven't had this problem at all and things seem to be working for you on my site so please don't leave me :)

    I hope you figure this out.


  15. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

    see you again as well. :)

  16. thanks for the comment, ron eklof. :)

    indeed. and thanks for visiting here as well.

  17. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    there's been a positive development at least. :) will update this post shortly.

  18. thanks for the comment, adam. :)

    will continue to swing by your site, with every new post. :)

  19. Hi, kouji! I'm one of the blogs where you keep going into my spam jail. I'm really sorry. I have one other user who repeatedly gets put there, despite me choosing "not spam" every single time. But know that I frequently check my spam comments and release legitimate ones as soon as I see them. I would hate to lose you as a reader over this. I enjoy your comments!

  20. thanks for the comment, kathy. :)

    no biggie. cool that you check your spam comments. :)

    will swing by your blog soon to see if akismet's action already allows me to comment there. :)

  21. I see you all around the blogosphere, I swear! Nearly EVERY blog I go to comment on, I see your post somewhere. It's incredible! Your SERPs must be huge with all your links, which according to Yahoo is over 22,000. You really shouldn't have used all this work on a blogspot blog, you really should get a standalone domain. I'm not even sure 301 redirects would work with a subdomain from a company such as blogger...

  22. thanks for the comment, justin. :)

    i do enjoy blog commenting. :) which is why it was such a pain to get locked out for a few days.

    i'm pretty happy with my backlinks, but unfortunately, it looks like yahoo and google aren't. i don't rank for any of my keywords, it seems. i get virtually no traffic right now from the search engines. perhaps i've been slapped? i'm hoping it'll get sorted out with time.


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