credit cards haiku examples

these are actually old haiku poems of mine, from a previous haiku poetry blog. my apologies to any readers who have already seen these. but i thought i'd post them here as well, as i was rather fond of them. :)


first job, first paycheck
card application approved -
let the good times roll


stopping by the mall
can fin'lly get that new phone -
heady with new wealth


front of the counter
slice of plastic being swiped -
a rite of passage


needing comfort food
no cash, but i have plastic -
maybe just this once


card credit maxed out
needing to go out tonight -
need another card


marrying today
kept my box of cards secret -
something borrowed, blue


he keeps on calling
won't take no for an answer
demanding i pay


didn't learn a thing about
compound interest


these debts overwhelm
online, i seek a way out
i am not alone


final payment made
twenty years in the making
finally i'm free

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. haha, those are funny. credit cards can be tricky. thus i don't have one.

  2. hello, kouji! thanks for sharing me the good news this morning! read my new post!

  3. I never got a credit card (never qualified for it), but I had been using a lot of debit cards and ATMs for those swipes.

    I was once a spender when I got a good amount of money in my hands. I would find myself running out of cash after spending something that I don't really need.

  4. I really love #6!! there are many ways you could say it.

  5. thanks for the comment, sara. :)

    indeed. they can be tricky little devils. i don't have one either.

  6. thanks for the comment, nicely. :)

    sure, no problem. will check out your new post shortly. :)

  7. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    am more a fan of debit cards. :) that way, it's harder to go overboard. :O

  8. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

    your kind words are very much appreciated.

  9. Blogging for BloggersOctober 2, 2008 at 3:46 PM

    final payment made
    twenty years in the making
    finally i'm free

    I have made the final payment but I'm yet to be free...oh gosh, I should have made the final cut...


  10. thanks for the comment, yan. :)

    indeed. these cards can be sneaky.

  11. I like this its nice to see them all together!

  12. thanks for the comment, art and poetry. :)

    true, true.

  13. front of the counter
    slice of plastic being swiped -
    a rite of passage

    loved this one!

  14. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

    am glad you liked that. :)

  15. oh yeah! let the good times roll, indeed. although, personally, I haven't had the opportunity to actually experience a first paycheck. XD

  16. thanks for the comment, aki nominal. :)

    ah. indeed. just as long as the good times don't run us over.


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