halimbawa ng haiku

this post's title is in filipino, and essentially translates to, "an example of haiku."

i've been thinking about the fact that i don't yet have even a single haiku on this blog, written in my local tongue. that's partly due to the fact that i'm actually somewhat more comfortable speaking in english than in filipino, as english was the first language i learned.

but a philippine haiku is rather overdue, so i'll take a stab at it here.

ulan sa labas
sa loob, ako'y tuyo
tumanda na nga

an english version:

pouring rain outside
while within, i remain dry
i've grown old indeed

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. Cool. It's always interesting to read poetry in other languages.

  2. Cute! I think whether you do it in Filipino or English, your haiku sounds great.

    Reminds me of getting old.

  3. thanks for the comment, lilacspecs. :)

    true. i too enjoy reading haiku in other languages, such as those of polona and zen speug, among others. :)

  4. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    and thanks for the kind words. i do struggle to write in filipino sometimes. :O maybe next time, i should try one in ilocano. :)

  5. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

  6. Hi Kouji!

    You called yourself an 'amateur' in haiku ??!

    Loved it Kouji! the English version that I could grab...

    Me, a writer from India...loves poetry and tries a hand at it...a regular visitor these days at Polona, Janice, Andrew, Masago...to relish haiku and the like...

    My tryst with poetry are at: http://devika-jyothi.blogspot.com/
    Please do come when you have time..

    enjoyed the visit here..
    see you again!

  7. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

    am a regular visitor to those blogs as well (or at least i try to be). :)

    i'll drop by your blog soon. :)

  8. Hi Kouji!

    Have seen you there often :-)



  9. thanks again for the comment, devika. :)

  10. No rain is falling
    I am dry inside or out
    Body still grows old

    Seeing haiku in different languages leaves me wanting to hear it in the native voice.
    Ričardas (http://ricardo-haiku.blogspot.com/) does his in Lithuanian.

  11. Hey dude, I will be honest with you, Im not really a big fan of poems, haiku's and such. It would be a dishonest for me to say I love what you written, because I dont really understand or appreciate it.

    What I do have empathy for is being able to speak english better than my native language. Born in England to parents who were from Hong Kong, at times I feel a touch of lost identity because I am not able to communicate effectively in Chinese. Not quite the same as you, but I think you will know what I mean.

  12. thanks for the comment, mediterranean kiwi. :)

  13. thanks for the comment, ron. :)

    yup. i've been to ricardas's blog, as well. :) quite a number of haiku writers write in two languages. pretty cool. :)

  14. thanks for the comment, henry. :)

    your honesty's fine, man, and appreciated as well. :)

    true. my parents spoke mostly in english around me when i was younger, so that's what i picked up. it was only much later, when the school i went to began holding its filipino classes, where i began to struggle, playing catch up.

    even today, i'm not particularly comfortable speaking conversational filipino. :O but thankfully, most people are kind enough to tolerate this weakness of mine. :)

    the identity issue has been less significant for me, i think, because just about everyone i interact with here is bilingual (english and filipino, and maybe another local dialect), so i don't feel much of a disconnect.

    i have a bit more of a problem though when i go home to the province, where the predominant tongue is called ilocano. i can understand it, but i can barely speak it. so that's where i feel like i don't quite belong.

    but hey, i'm not yet too old to learn ilocano, so i feel i can worm my way into that particular social sphere eventually. :)

  15. i do not speak or write in the phillipino language, but i appreciate your haiku in both languages; especially since you gave us the english version.

    much love

  16. thanks for the comment, gillena. :)

    and thanks for the kind words. take care. :)

  17. kouji,

    thanks for dropping by my site. hope to see you again. :-)

  18. nice haiku. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

  19. cool... it's always nice to see another poet write bilingually.

    english is my second language and i only started learning it at school but i know what you mean... most of my haiku are written in english first

  20. thanks for the comment, jessie. :)

    i'll try to swing by again one of these days. :)

  21. thanks for the comment, ely. :)

    no problem.

  22. thanks for the comment, polona. :)

    was quite tough though. am really not as fluent in filipino. :O will need to work on that.

    vic gendrano does some slick, slick filipino haiku. :O

    glad you could visit. :)


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