green car haiku poem

the greenest car?
not using one at all
walking or biking

a haiku example based on this post on alternative fuel

possibly related to this previous post: dry nature haiku poem

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  1. Yes the bikes is the answer, at least some of it

  2. Walking and biking is good for the body than using a green car!

  3. thanks for the comment, ashi. :)

    true. it could be part of the answer. :)

  4. thanks for the comment, prodigy?? :)

    and thanks for stopping by. :)

  5. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    true. good for the body, and good for the planet. :)

  6. I have never owned a car - always walked or biked :) Neat haiku Kouji!

  7. thanks for the comment, janice thomson. :)

    cool. :) over here, owning a car can be a requirement for many because of the air pollution, and the not all that great state of public transportation.


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