remember house haiku poem

can't quite remember
the last time i
left the house

a haiku poem based on this post at the haiku diaries. :)

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  1. The surprise ending is very effective. Closes well.

  2. I like this - leaves me with a couple different viewpoints. Excellent Kouji.

  3. @janice thomson

    thanks. :) i'm glad you like it.

  4. you should leave the house when you can :) it's healthy. hope you get some fun adventures soon!

  5. these arent proper haiku you know
    its all about the syllables in each line
    5 in the 1st
    7 in the 2nd
    5 in the 3rd...
    look heres one of mine...

    I smile, then look up,
    Although were so far apart,
    The stars are our heart.♥

    you get what i meen?
    sorry im doing it in english at school. haha.
    oh and umm im 12 years old ;)
    but its really good :)


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