soft nature haiku poem

soft flow of leaves gone
left uncovered by the wind
the jagged edges

a haiku poem inspired by this post on poetry for a night owl. :)

wordcrafter, the author of that blog, very kindly included me in her 'i love your blog' list quite recently. :)

as per the instructions, i have linked to the giver, wordcrafter, above. :) i haven't yet chosen the 7 blogs i wish to link to (there're so many good ones, it feels impossible to choose only 7). :O for now, i'm hoping that my adding many of these favorite blogs of mine to my blogroll will suffice (the link to my blogroll is on the sidebar, over on the right, after scrolling down a bit). :)

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog. :)


  1. Another nice poem. Coming to your site always inspires me.

  2. A Gone with the Wind epic miniature!:

  3. thanks for the comment, polona. :)

  4. thanks for the comment, fourwindshaiga. :)

    as do my visits to your blog. :)

  5. thanks for the comment, borut. :)

    nice. :D

  6. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

  7. thanks for the comment, wayfaring wanderer. :)


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