pink for october family haiku poem

a struggle to live
inevitable defeat?
is that my future?

cancer's been on my mind, because of the recent death of my grandfather. i came across a blog which said that october is breast cancer awareness month, and when the author called on her readers to 'go pink,' i thought it was only right that i do.

hence, my pink header. honestly, pink isn't my favorite color (huge understatement there), but i read this comment on that blog, and it reminded me that 'going pink' does have an effect:

I think it’s great that you’ve gone pink … I’m a two time survivor and a breast cancer blogger and let me tell you, each bit of pink you see this month helps to raise awareness.

the pink for october banner on my sidebar leads to a site aimed at raising awareness on the subject of breast cancer, as well as donations for the susan g. komen for the cure organization.

this organization, among other things, funds breast cancer research, and has as its aim finding a cure for breast cancer.

thank you for visiting this haiku poem blog.


  1. Nice haiku and it looks like a good organization cancer should be defeated!

  2. great cause koujii! thanks for putting the Kiva banner up :)

  3. thanks for the comment, art and poetry.

    indeed. as well as many other dread diseases.

  4. thanks for the comment, megan and jonathan. :)

    yup. and just finished my kiva post... uh, i meant haiku... as well. :)

  5. I didn't know that October was breast cancer month! My mother in law recently found a lump, and at this point the doctors are doing test to see if it is breast cancer. Luckilly, if it is, they said it is really early on. Thank you for posting about such an important topic. And, I love this haiku!

  6. thanks for the comment, jae. :)

    i didn't know either, until i came across that particular blog. best wishes to your mother in law.

  7. Hi kouji, many thanks for your support.

    "Each bit of pink on your blog this month helps to raise awareness."


  8. Your haiku is nice as your mission is worthy, Kouji!
    Keep up..
    see you more...

  9. thanks for the comment, pelf. :)

    and thanks for letting me know that october is breast cancer awareness month.

  10. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

  11. Great to see you have a link to help fight breast cancer with this being national awarness month.

  12. thanks for the comment, steven wilson. :)

    indeed. i'm hoping it helps, even a little.

  13. hey you reminded me of the cancer awareness month. it helps that people are aware.=)

  14. thanks for the comment, yella_=). :)

    glad i could help. and thanks for dropping by. :)


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