a haiku

philippine doctor
facing a difficult choice
patients? or fam'ly?

a haiku poem inspired by this post on health zap

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  1. phillippine doctor
    in an ideal universe
    has no choice to make

  2. Kouji, Love you seeing haiku in all that you pass by :-)

    And the wondrous part is..i can remove that 'Philippine' and place an Indian, a German or an American there..it would still work! :-)

    life is so same everywhere!!

    and poetry is the most effetive medium to convey this, perhaps...

    see you again 'weaving' haiku :-)

  3. thanks for the haiku, tsannie. :)

    indeed. in an ideal universe.

  4. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)


  5. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

    true. unfortunately, this happens in other places as well.

  6. thanks for the comment, winter moth. :)

    true. tough to be faced with that.

  7. AS alway very nice, thank you. and thanks for comments on mien too.

  8. thanks for the comment, brian. :)

    and thanks for dropping by. :)

  9. Short but sweet... could resist to say something!

    I often find it sad when kids want to be nurses for the reason that they want to help their family. I think it is a wrong mindset instilled by older people. Medical professions get higher paying jobs, but the profession's true calling is for serving patients.

    ... that's what I really feel when I read that =(

  10. Choices are just so tough. I guess life's rarely easy.

  11. Philippine doctor, or witch doctor: same problems all over the world. Well, a rich doctor might be a different story!?:)

  12. thanks for the comment, gem. :)

    indeed. it's tricky. the country loses because skilled medical practitioners become scarce. but at the same time, those who do practice here tend to suffer when they don't earn enough to properly support their families.

    and for me, family comes first.

  13. thanks for the comment, mom24. :)

    for me, that's where government can step in. in this case for example, it could look for ways to create more high paying jobs locally, such as through medical tourism.

  14. thanks for the comment, borut. :)

    indeed. a rich anything would be a different story probably. :)

  15. I wish everyone could fine the balance between there own needs and society's. Nice post!

  16. Well its a vicious cylcle with our medical professionals since the seventies. Everytime US or European countries will open their borders for highly skilled health professionals it syphons qualified nurses in the Philippines. My wife is a nurse and we too gave in to the lure of better prospects in a foreign land. But if you think about it nurses are one of the worst paid jobs in the our country. Unless things dramatically change in the Philiipnes we could all expect this cycle to go on for decades to come.

  17. thanks for the comment, adventure girl wanna be. :)

    indeed. i think a lot of people do want to help others, and the society in general. it just's to a point where doing so becomes too much of a sacrifice at times.

  18. thanks for the comment, dan the man. :)

    indeed. after all, i will not fault someone for wanting to go abroad, in order to provide a good education for his or her children. that's just natural. as a parent, you want to provide the best you can to your kids.

    in spite of the difficulties locally, many people do decide to stay on. but something must be done so they won't feel they made a mistake.

  19. Take a tribal outlook where patients become family and then there's no problem! If only it were that easy.

    Nice haiku!

  20. thanks for the comment, ink and stone. :)

    indeed. if only it were. thanks for dropping by. :)

  21. this sounds deep! family? praying for you!

  22. thanks for the comment, rebeckah. :)

    and thanks for the concern. not something my family is dealing with directly. but i have friends who are young doctors, and they're the ones facing much stress, pressure, and the difficulty of such a decision.

    some people feel that doctors in the philippines tend to be rich or well off, but from what i've seen, many times it's the opposite.


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