chucktown trippintones haiku poetry

have i mentioned that
i love

don't stop believin'
by journey, a capella
excuse me?

why do i keep
this video?

i think
i'll watch it
one more time

i'm such a sucker
for ladies who can
move AND sing

love the song, don't stop believin' by journey. a little earlier, i headed for youtube to look for a video. saw one featuring a young steve perry. excellent. saw a performance with arnel pineda in chile. my first time to hear him sing, and was impressed.

then i saw this video (well, actually i first waded through a few other covers) of the chucktown trippintones doing don't stop believin' a capella.

i now have a huge crush on that soloist.

thank you for visiting this haiku poetry blog. :)


  1. Good one, Kouji :-)

    may be some are just carried away...i myself get..


  2. Hahaha naaliw naman ako sa poem na ito. Arnel fan here too!

  3. the music is amazing and the haiku made me smile :)

  4. Hi!
    Yea, Journey was great and love that song. That group is really good. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for stopping by my place. Take Care!!


  5. You have a good poem here. I never tried doing haiku poems. Maybe some other time i will try it. Anyway, you can check my poems at my site with the name "him" and hope to be your friend.

  6. A very good series. Not quite regular haiku/senryu, but in the neighborhood, and successful on its own terms.

  7. i've never been into youtube, only as an informative means

  8. Are you a vegetarian? No steaks? I like you tube too! Happy Monday!

  9. Nice, Kouji, so good you can focus on any theme and write these inspiring haiku.

  10. thanks for the comment, devika. :)

  11. thanks for the comment, ambo. :)

    yup. :) it's quite hard to follow in the footsteps of steve perry, but so far, i've enjoyed his performances. :)

  12. thanks for the comment, polona. :)

    glad i could make you smile. :)

  13. thanks for the comment, splummer. :)

    i do love the song. :) i think i first came across it thanks to the wedding singer soundtrack. :)

  14. thanks for the comment, punkypaige. :)

    i'm glad you could visit. :)

  15. thanks for the comment, bill. :)

    and thanks for the kind words. :) was being a bit silly with this post, but i don't quite mind how it turned out. :)

  16. thanks for the comment, andrew. :)

    glad i could help with a nostalgic moment. i'm a latecomer to journey's music, but i do love this song. :)

  17. thanks for the comment, mediterranean kiwi. :)

    true. i only recently started surfing youtube more heavily, mostly because of the american election. :)

  18. thanks for the comment, life with kaishon. :)

    i went vegetarian for 6 months, some time ago, but caved in thanks to some lechon (a philippine dish, don't quite know how to describe it, but it usually involves pork).

    i felt a little dirty after that meal though. :D

    belated happy monday. :)

  19. thanks for the comment, beatrice v. :)

    kind of you to say. :) hmmm... i think i'll have another look at that video... :D


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